1. Gloriosa Superba seeds

We cultivate and export Gloriosa Superba seeds to Indena, Italy for pharmaceutical purpose. They manufacture as per USA - FDA and WHO's GMP regulation. So, our quality is reliable.


Rotator, Big size sieves, Winnowers, Testing oven are used to separate foreign matter, and check moisture.

2. Noble deed in Taxus field

During 1990, when Rajendran visited Milan, he had come to know of pacific Yew tree (Taxus) from which the medicine, 'Taxol' (used to cure refractory ovarian cancer) was prepared.

The medicinal content of the bark was so low and further, US Government banned the use of barks, so there was a need for an alternate source.

Returning to India, the Rajendran couple went on an expedition into the jungles of the Himalayan mountains near the Indian borders of Burma and China, and searched for many long days braving the dangers from ULFA extremists, and insects like leeches. Unmindful of all kinds of afflictions on health, they continued their search in the jungle with a missionary zeal. Their endurance was rewarded after one year with the discovery of a plant with identical leaves to that of Taxus. Rajendran tested the leaves and found their properties similar to samples he had brought from Italy.

The leaves not only contained the same medicinal property, but had remarkably higher percentage of medicinal content. The new plant belonged to Taxacea family and was hither to fore unknown and hence M/s. Indena spa named this new plant as 'Taxus Rajendran'. In the field of pharmacology it is considered as a new species because it was the only Asiatic Taxus which helped to get ahead with the fight against cancer.

Before our discovery there were some species of Taxus available in few parts of the world. All these had very low content and commercially did not help in the extraction of the life saving medicine.

Though the medicine 'Taxol' was discovered by an American Scientist years ago, it could not be prepared in large quantity due to the paucity of source material and it poor medicinal content. The discovery of 'Taxus Rajendran' came as a great boon to Indena Spa and also thousands of sufferers of the insidious disease.

The discovery therefore merits international recognition as a break - through in medicinal science / pharmacology.

The world knows the discovers of Taxol, Wani and wall and Bristol Myers Squibb who manufactured the medicine and Indena who supplied raw material, but we who discovered and supplied to Indena are still unknow to the world.

We are looking for some kind - hearted people who can recommend our noble deed for International Recognition and bring all our efforts known to the world.

We would be much grateful for acknowledging our hardships and discovery of this rare life - saving medicinal plant.

We are ready to furnish all details concerning this.