Herbs India and Drugs India are family concerns of Mrs. & Mr. T.D. Rajendran.

Mr. K.P.A. T. Dharmaraj Nadar - Mrs. D. Rojapoothai (Parents of Mr. T.D. Rajendran) were doing match works business in the name of Shri Krishna Match Works. The philanthropic couple donated lands and money for schools and involved themselves in various spiritual activities, to spread the message of peace and vegetarianism. With a mission, they entered the medicinal field to serve the community. By God's Grace and sheer dedication of our fore runners, we have achieved remarkably in this line.

Herbs India was started in 8.8.1988 as a proprietrix concern by Mrs. R. Murugeswari, wife of Mr. T.D. Rajendran.

Drugs India was started in 9.9.1989 by Mr. T.D. Rajendran as a partnership concern.

The main processing activity being Gloriosa superba seeds, cultivated and exported for pharmaceutical purpose to Indena Spa, Italy