We have experience in the following lines also


1. Gloriosa Superba Seeds
2. Taxus Leaves (Named by the Italian buyer as Taxus Rajendran)
3. Vinca rosea roots and leaves
4. Phyllanthus niruri
5. Iphygenia stellata
6. Moringa Leaves
7. Turmeric Unpolished,Polished, Raw and powder
8. Mother Rhizome and high Curcumin content Finger Turmeric for extract purpose
9. Garcinia cambogia
10. Bitter gourd
11. Bamboo shoot
12. Seena leaves and pods
13. Many others medicinal plants as per buyers request


1. Iceland spar
2. Lime stone
3. Feldspar
4. Quartz
5. Granite
6. Calcite
7. Slate
8. Agate
9. Sand (River)


1. Human Hair (Barbar's cutting waste, Unwashed)
2. Match labels
3. Empty box
4. Printed items (Labels, Books etc)
5. Starched cotton gauze (as a building material)
6. Safety Matches
7. Fireworks
8. Aluminium Powder (all grades)
9. Cotton yarn
10. Wood Flour
11. Saw dust
12. Coconut shell powder, pith, desiccated coconut and charcoal
13. Rubber, metal and cast iron parts - articles mainly by hand labor with semi machine finished.
14. Hand finished Gold articles.

New Products

It is also possible for us to cultivate any medicinal, aromatic raw materials for your need.